Kaynak Elektronik Mak. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. is a Power Electronics company which was established in 1989 to carry out the design, production, marketing and technical service of Kemsan Uninterruptible Power Supply due to needs of quality energy. In advancing years, Kemsan who increased its production variety and improved itself continuously parallel to the developments in technology, started to manufacture frequency converters, inverters, rectifiers, static switches and custom design power electronics devices besides uninterruptible power supply. Our Kemsan brand devices are used widely in houses, power plants, factories, hospitals and secure their places in power electronics sector day by day. Special devices that we improved for military applications, meet the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces’ quality energy, while empowering The Turkish Armed Forces also create value for us.


Kemsan produces online Uninterruptable Power Supplies (in other words UPS) systems in the range of 3 kVA to 800 kVA. In addition to these UPS systems, also produces
Frequency converters, inverters, rectifiers, dc/dc converters and special design power electronics systems. The development of all these products has been done byourselves.
Our pr oducts ha ve high pr oductivity and high r eliability. 


Our company is aware of the importance of the R&D in power electronics sector and accepts it as important for improvement and growing. All of our products designed and produced by our R&D. In designing new product, all the products in the world are examined and notified their weak and strong points. We al ways develop our products par allel to the changes and developments across the world. Industry- university cooperation is important to keep up with the technology and apply it. We maintain our industry - university cooperation with Eskişehir Osmangazi University for many years. To be leader in the sector can not be achieved by not only tracing technology but also develop it and produce new technologies. Thus numbers of essays and researches have been presented to conferences. We see quality as an important part of R&D and we always develop our quality level. Our company has
the ISO quality insurance certificate covering design, production and technical service. Producing, appropriate for standards and securing the environment, is the base of our quality concept. We perceive our re ason of existence as creating values.


Kemsan is the point where quality, robustness, reliability, innovation and esthetics meet. The main reason we have a high customer reputation is the constant customer satisfaction
and developing ourselves with the motto of Supply of Uninterruptible Power. Our company has possessed a innovative, creative and reliable position in power electronics sector by
manufacturing competitive devices with twenty year of experience.


Kemsan for the next years we aim to present our customers with high efficiency and performing industrial electronic systems. Since has achieved a good reputation within the Turkish market, our aim is to export this name and quality to the countries surrounding Turkey. At this moment is present in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Portugal and South Korea. We hope to add more countries and satisfied c ustomers to our collection.

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