• GPU for Aircrafts

    270VDC rectifier and 60Hz Converters For F35 aircrafts 

    and several type 400Hz Converters
    For F16/F4/A400M/AWACS


    It Takes The Power From Us...

    Meets Military Standarts For The Defense industry

    400Hz Convertors, GPU, UPS , Rectifiers, Inverters
    Helicopter Start Rectifiers and custom design products 
    For Air, Land and Sea Platforms ...


    Why Must Be Static ?

    KEMSAN Transformer Test Converters,
    Have identical values with dynamic converters.
    They have Ultra low THD values ( <%2 ).
    They can be used for partial discharge tests
    and induced voltage tests safely.

  • Suitable for use in land and sea conditions

    28.5VDC HeloStart Rectifiers

  • Solutions For Land Platforms


    Meets MIL-STD-810F / MIL-STD-461E

    Military Standarts


    Rectifier / Charger, UPS, Inverter, Statik Switch...

Solutions Specific to Power Electronics
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